January 2008
This document has just been released by the Resuscitation Council (UK). Entitled  “The Emergency Treatment of Anaphylactic Reactions – Guidelines for healthcare providers” itreplaces ‘The Emergency medical treatment of anaphylactic reactions for first medical responders and for community nurses’ (originally published July 1999, revised January 2002, May 2005). The document will also be published in the journal Resuscitation in Springtime and RC(UK) are in correspondence with the BMJ about an editorial. It is to be reviewed in 2013 (earlier if necessary)

The JRCALC Guidelines group is aware that the adrenaline doses for children are different to the current JRCALC Guidelines but  it is not felt that the difference is clinically significant, and attention is drawn to the statement in the document itself which acknowledges this fact (see Page 22):

The scientific basis for the recommended doses is weak. The recommended doses are based on what is considered to be safe and practical to draw up and inject in an emergency.”