The Joint Royal Colleges Ambulance Liaison Committee (JRCALC) first met in April 1989 at The Royal College of Physicians in London. The purpose of the committee was to provide robust clinical oversight and expert clinical advice to UK Ambulance Services.  It soon established itself as a leading authority on pre-hospital care and has gained a worldwide reputation.

There have been a number of editions of the guidelines since inception and the 2006 version was superseded in 2013 and 2016, supplemented in 2017 and most recently updated  in 2019 with the current edition.

JCALC guidance on Emergency Birth in the Community was published in 2018 and remains a practical, efficient tool to aid safe maternity care in the community and has a place not only on bookshelves but also in your back pocket!

Following the restructuring of the 32 or so county based English Ambulance Services into 10 Regional Trusts and Foundation Trusts (2006) , each Ambulance Trust now has a full time medical director at board level. Consequently the need for clinical oversight of Ambulance Services has diminished but the JRCALC committee remains an essential resource of expert clinical knowledge.

Working closely alongside the National Ambulance Service Medical Directors (NASMeD) who represent all UK Ambulance Services, JRCALC effectively fulfils the liaison role of its title.

Details of the JRCALC Committee can be seen here.