What’s New and What’s Next?

The College of Paramedics, in partnership with the Association of Ambulance Chief Executives (AACE) and JRCALC held an insightful and successful study day in November 2021, attended by over 450 delegates.

This important eCPD event, designed for all paramedics, offered a unique opportunity to engage with the leaders and authors of the UK Clinical Practice Guidelines 2021.

You can revisit videos of sessions below, and read the Q&As from the day here.


Frailty and Older People

Dr John Martin, Dr Ben Underwood

This session looks at the clinical challenges presented by frail and older people, along with the use of decision making support tools for the paramedic.

Non Traumatic Back Pain (Draft New Guideline)

Amanda Hensman-Crook

This session looks at what will be in the new guideline and indicates how to spot red flags and serious pathologies – along with when and when not to convey – and what are the assessment, management & analgesic options available to paramedics.


Paramedic 3 Trial – where why and when?

Prof Gavin Perkins

A brief look back at what Paramedic 2 told us, and how Paramedic 3 will provide data (with our help) on intraosseous drug routes and patient outcomes in resuscitation.


Anaphylaxis – What’s Changed and Key Considerations

Prof Charles Deakin

The new guideline update following RCUK guidance with a particular focus on repeat adrenaline.


What’s New? Summarising 2021’s Bundle Updates including Steroid Dependent Patients

Dr Simon Brown

Summary of recent changes and updates released by JRCALC.


Paediatrics – Care Pathways and Decision Making

Tim Edwards

What is the evidence and how can we make appropriate decisions regarding treatment and care.


Human Factors – following guidelines in the real world

Ashley Richardson

What are the tools that can help – could the Dirty Dozen be useful in your practice?


Out of Hospital Cardiac Arrest Outcomes: What does the data tell us?

Prof Gavin Perkins

A look at the epidemiology, the effect of COVID and what can be done to enhance recovery from Out of Hospital Cardiac Arrest.


Hanging – (Draft New Guidance) Assessment and Management

Dr Dhushy Surendra Kumar

Mechanism and definitions, assessment and management:  an introduction to the new JRCALC guidance.


Resuscitation – What to do and when not to…

Prof Charles Deakin

JRCALC and RCUK Guidance: maximising the chance of success including airway management and pad placement.


Panel Discussion and Q&A: What’s Needed Next?

Panellists: Alison Walker, Simon Brown, Ashley Richardson, Dhushy Surendra Kumar

Questions from the day.


JRCALC September 2021 App Updates

This video from Class Professional Publishing details all the updates made to iCPG and JRCALC Plus in September 2021.



Alison Walker, Chair of JRCALC, lists the bundle 9 updates for the 2022 JRCALC Clinical Guidelines.


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