JRCALC Executive – Newsflash

Airway-associated equipment – JRCALC guidance for infection control groups.

A draft document was tabled at the JRCALC Committee meeting on the 19 March which was intended to provide guidance on this topic for ambulance service use. On the 18 March a newsflash on the Royal College of Anaesthetists website from its Working Party on Infection and Anaesthesia announced that it was considering appropriate guidelines regarding decontamination of anaesthetic equipment for all forms of surgery (which originally arose from Department of Health guidelines specifically in relation to tonsillectomy). This group is due to report in the near future, and in view of the announcement it was felt sensible to both communicate with it and to await the outcome of its deliberations before releasing the advisory guidance for ambulance service use. This will then be made available as soon as possible.

The JRCALC Executive Committee 30/03/02.