AAGBI Consent for Anaesthesia – Revised Edition 2006 (Paramedic Intubation)

Some confusion has arisen concerning hospital in-theatre airway management training, particularly for endotracheal intubation, as a result of the recent publication of this document. After enquiry, a letter from the chair of the Working Group has explained that the document was primarily for anaesthetists involved with training in the theatre environment, and specifically written to re-emphasise the importance of seeking appropriate consent from patients in their care. Its aim was not to restrict in any way hospital paramedic training.

In the letter the Chair of the Working Group, Dr David Bogod, has written:

“I would, on behalf of the members of the working party and the Officers of the Association, like to offer my apologies to you and to the paramedics that you represent for any upset that we may have inadvertently caused. I, like you, would be very concerned if our guidance were misinterpreted to suggest that paramedics should not be allowed to learn the skills of airway management in anaesthetised patients.”

JRCALC has also submitted a letter to the Editor of Anaesthesia News.

Dr Tom Clarke
April 2006